March 29, 2013

Kelas Inspirasi Makassar

Finally Kelas Inspirasi are held in Makassar. Actually it has been held in various cities in Indonesia but Makassar just got a chance in  Kelas Inspirasi 3. I signed up as a volunteer photographer. I was not confident if registering as a teacher (read : pengajar) ^.^ Although with less skill, Kelas Inspirasi gave me the opportunity to capture moments in team 4, which gets locations in SD Karuwisi 2, Makassar. Team 4 consisted of 8 member from various professions such as architect, sales support, lecturer, technical staff, supervisor of industrial waste, writer, food nutritionist and maintaenance aircraft technician. Students of SD Karuwisi 2 are very happy with the arrival of volunteers from Kelas Inspirasi.
Kelas Inspirasi  is a program from Indonesia Mengajar program which pioneered by Anies Baswedan. This program invites professionals from various fields to share stories from their work experience. I hope what has been done by volunteers of Kelas Inspirasi Makassar would be able inspired to dream and foster ideals without limits on Indonesian kid.

"For those of you just one day off from work, but for students it can be a day to inspire them for life. Share stories, knowledge, and experience to become the ideals and their dreams." (Kelas Inspirasi) 

Hamran Sunu -Writer


  1. selamaaaat,, mbak Nindy sudah jadi bagian dari Kelas Inspirasi,, nagihi ya,, :D
    taun depan daftar jadi pengajarnya, mbak,, hehe,,
    oya, kalo bersedia, silakan baca pengalaman saya di Kelas Inspirasi Yogya,, :)

  2. selamat ya :3

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