October 25, 2012

Nice to meet you guys! (Makassar Crafter)

October 24th 2012 at Dunkin Donuts M'tos. Three of us, Ekbess, Dwee and me make an appointment to meet but I came late because evidently I have to come to work and get stuck in traffic anyway (sorry '-'). I meet with Ekbess for the second time and meet with Dwee for the firs time. We discussed many things like our activity, our favorite crafter, and also learn a simple binding from Ekbess. Moreover we exchange craft work. Thank you guys and nice to meet you. Someday we should meet again and the other makassar crafter too :D

 cat cushion from Dwee and recylce keyboard ring, fabric scrap, monsi magnet from Ekbess

Photo by Dwee 

Photo by   Ekbess


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    1. ayok2. lain kali kita ketemuan lagiii

  2. Baru sempat mampir di blog ta’ kak ^^
    belum pa sempat post ki tentang pertemuan ta ini :p

  3. aaah super cute and creative! ❤

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  4. Lucu-lucu banget dear:)

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