November 8, 2011

A dreamer?

 Several time ago a friend told me that in it implied that I'm a only a dreamer and always try something that will end in vain. I gasped for a moment and want to change it immediately. But after spending a night sleeping, in the morning, my brain and my heart work together to say 
"You may say I'm  dreamer but I'm not the only one" (John Lennon)
Many stories tell us that sucsessfull people strating from their dreams and always doing a "trial and eror". I decide to continue my dreams and not to not eliminate the habit of trying something even if it ends in vain. A dreamer better than the people who have no dreams at all, isn't it? (I dedicated for a friend who can't be mentioned.. ^.^)


  1. a dreamer? Siapa Takut.

    saya selalu menganggap bahwa bermimpi adalah bagian dari usaha kita untuk meraih kesuksesan itu.

    nice post mba...!
    salam kenal

  2. Kapten Nind...sediakanpi chatbox di blogmu...biar bebaski chat-chat :)
    nah..nah...request followers ini gang...perlu dipertimbangkan, hehhe :p